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>>> you're watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland" at 4:30. >> it's about getting over preening disand making sure to protect families. >> supporters and opponents of same sex marriage in maryland will the debate about to get nasty. >>> and seemed like a normal prayer breakfast until a retired army vet showed up in ocean city. new reaction on what he says is every american's right in this nation. >>> and who doesn't like puppies? what you and your pet can get into. >> very interested. good morning i am sherrie johnson in for charley crowson. thanks for joining us. let's start with getting a check of the forecast with lynette charles. and you know we are wearing red. great mind think alike. >> you got that right i love it. you know, whats, the -- what, the headlines for today wet, wild and mild. more thunderstorms and we will dry out by this afternoon. temperatures will drop and get cool are by sunday. we are looking at maryland's most powerful radar as of now and we can see some shower activity off toward the area. hooking back towards the west -- looking b
"good morning maryland" at 4:30. >>> and a live look outside thismorning as temperatures dropped nearly 10 degrees overnight. the weekend weather outlook is less than ament away on this friday -- than a -- than a hadn't away on this friday --minute away on this friday. temperatures are dropping fast. let's get to justin berk with a check of the forecast and what it could mean for you on this friday and into the weekend. justin. >> we are starting to drop and hooked up with the meteorologist in hagerstown and tim said they turned over to snow there. now we have subfreezing western howard county. what i will tell you i want you to pay attention to because this is really important tool. this is western howard county in woodbine. it's 31 winds west at 10 and gusting to 37 and wind chills into the 20s. now 34 calculating new numbers. freezing line slipping through and it's colder at cloud level so the snow will fall before the ground temperature change. 37 with rain showers in towson and bel air. 40s in joppa and now maryland's most powerful doppler radar. west of the city we hadtown and owi
through columbia past route 175, and here's also another live view of 95 of maryland 100. a bit busier for those of you traveling northbound you are good to go all the way up to the baltimore beltway. and once you make your way into the city, 95 at 395, very clear and light volume so far going into downtown. over to you charley. >>> six police officers are in the hospital recovering from gunshot wound. authorities say the gunmen opened fire after officers served a drug warrant in ogden north of salt lake city utah. officers arrested the suspect who was shot. witnesses say they heard a number of gunshots including what they described as automatic weapon fire. two of the officers may be seriously injured with possible head injuries. >>> and today, one of the state's biggest unions will anoun the support for the same sex marriage bill. maryland state and district ofcolumbia aflcio has 3,000 members and the support is expected to boost efforts. the past legislation allowing same sex couples to marry. group says they will mobilize members to help the governor and the general assembly pass t
are connected. police are searching for a driver who struck a maryland state trooper ...then ook off. off.eye -83 is quiet now ... but just after 1 o' clock in the morning on sunday...a trroper was hit while on a traffic stop ...near ruxton road in baltimore county.the driver oo a tan or gold buick drove away.the tropper is recovering in the hospital. anyone with information should call police. more than 15-hundred new jobs are coming to anne arundel county.the maryland live! casino is opening an employment center in hanover today to help fill the jobs at its new slots parlor. the employment center will be open monday through friday from 10 to 7. the slots parlor is expected to open this summer. 3 3 even though it wasn't the prettiest of games...the ravens pull out all the stops... defeating the houston texans..and leaving on four quarters betweennthem... and the superbowl. superbowl.the largest crowd ever ...cheered on the ravens at m&t bank stadium.first quarter, houston's jacoby jones for some reason decides to field this punt... he's hit by cary illiams, and the ball goes flyin
fios. a network ahead. from wjz13 this is maryland's news station. now eyewitness news magazine. >>> hello everyone i'm vic carter. caught on tape, it seems that everyone has a camera and when police make an arrest, there's a good chance someone is recording. tonight wjz investigates between cops and cameras. one maryland man who's taking police to court. >>> a young woman's arrest caught on tape at the preakness. >> someone is taking pictures, they're taking pictures. >> reporter: a motorcyclists on i35 records his own arrest on his helmet cam. and a man's friend records this. >> sit down, sit down i'm not a dude. >> reporter: it seems that everyone has a camera and they're recording the police. >> is that camera on? >> reporter: who don't want to be recorded. >> are you able to tape anybody's voice or anything else. >> reporter: despite what police officers have been telling people, it's not illegal to record police officers in a public place but too many officers don't see it that way. >> turn that off. >> it's the constitutional right of the person taking that that video to
a nice easy route up to the east side of 695. remember, follow us this morning on twitter at maryland traffic. charley, over to you. >>> the governor is scheduled to release the spending plan and big ticket items will race eyebrows. here to break it down is sherrie johnson with the live report. >> reporter: well, charley, a lot of focus will be on annapolis as the governor releases his spending plan. everyone wants to know how much it's going to cost. the governor plans to shift teacher pension costs to maryland counties. maryland is one of the few states in the nation that picks up the entire teacher pension costs. it expected to be about 900 million dollar in the next fiscal year. the governor wants a 50-50 split with counties. this will save the state about 225 million dollars. another part of that plan people who earn more than 100,000 dollars and couples that make more than $150,000 would be limited to smaller personal exemptions for themselves and their families. they would also face caps on personal deductions. lawmakers say the proposed income tax changes and collecting sales
graded maryland's teachers. >>> all of that is straight ahead on this wednesday, january 25th. let's head right to lynnette. >>> good morning. we'll be up and over the hump. we'll get a mix of sun and clouds in here. temperatures will be cooler because we're starting out a little cooler than yesterday. still above normal and we'll start to see showers moving in here as we go into thursday. this is maryland's most powerful radar and we're nice and dry this morning and we're starting to get a few clouds through the day. the wet weather should not get here overnight into tomorrow. as we check out the temperatures this morning, 39 at st. ann's school. the winds out of the northeast at 2 miles an hour. and belvedere, that temperatures is coming in at 38 degrees and the temperatures will go down through the morning. and now over to angela. >>> we're doing great on the roadways. you may run into the overnight work crews at the tunnels and the tidings bridge. if you're on 83, it should be an easy one for you there as we get a live look at the harrisburg expressway and also 83 into the city on the
with the governor again. >>> good evening. >> college park, maryland where police are on alert prepared for whatever might happen following the maryland/duke basketball game. >> reporter: good evening. i'm here at lehigh road and baltimore avenue. over here is where the game is going. they are down by 10. we're talking about maryland. come over here and you can see prince georges county police have stepped up enforcement. you see the squad cars here? they are lined up and down baltimore avenue in this direction. a lot of folks say when they see those cars it is a definite deterrent to stop them from rioting. let's roll video. this was the scene two years ago after the university of maryland beat duke. a riot broke out and cell phone video captured what appears to be prince georges police beating a student. they arrested 28 students back then. police stepped up enforcement before the game and the campus cops are in full force. the university sent out letters warning students not to get out of control and they say a small group may act unruly and others say the police presence is a big deterrent. >> t
>>> you're watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland" at 4:30. >>> we have video you are not going to want to miss. what it shows happening to a police officer making an arrest. >>> i am sherrie johnson live in essex where a state delegate has a special announcement to make. >>> macy's department stores are planning to close five stores nationwide two in maryland. find out which ones coming up. >>> it's thursday, january 5th. good morning. i am charley crowson a bit warmer as we start this thursday. let's head back to the studio and check in with meteor ol a gist justin berk. >> -- meteorologist justin berk. >> yesterday was the coldest day since january 25th where we stayed below freezing after the morning low of 13. how cold was it? coming up video of a different sort. this is from a baltimore backyard homemade ice rink. you will want to see that. we have light snow last night and some light coding from essex through ann aruneddenel county -- aanne arundel county. a light coating on the eastern shore. and we are watching this thing right now going through.
>>> big developments when 2 comes to how your teachers are performing in maryland. >>> and you may have to go to convenience stores to get your lottery tickets but you can now go on line. and how soon that maybe available. >>> a town that makes chicken wings and how many will be eaten february 57b8g. good morning. let's say hello again to lynette charles. >> good morning. we are at wednesday already. so we got through monday and tuesday. and we'll get up and over the hump today. we'll have a mix of sun and clouds and cooler temperatures in here today. but we're still going to be above normal and we have showers moving here as we go into thursday. speaking of the showers, we're looking at maryland's most powerful ray dare right now. we're not dealing with any type of wet weather whatsoever. but as we head into tomorrow and friday, that is when we'll see the chance for showers to work they're way into the picture. but temperatures this morning, not so bad, 34 degrees in easton and 35 degrees in frederick. and now over to angela for a check of your traffic. >>> good morning. we're doi
and maryland 100 which is moving well between i-97 and i-95. >>> 11 seconds in one play and that's all tim tebow and thomas and broncos needed to end the pittsburgh steelers season. the 29-23 overtime win all tied at 23 at the end of regulation, and then you had this. that pass to thomas racing 80 yards for the game winning touchdown the first play and quickest ending in a overtime game in history. 11 seconds. drive home safely. broncos face tom brady and patriots prime time saturday night. >> the giants are headed to grown bay and lambeau field next sunday. eli manning and the boys held ryan and falcons to 2 points. final score from the game yesterday that's nix. 24-2 and they move on. here's the playoff picture. saturday, you have the saints take on jim harbaugh and 49ers and prime time saturday night t bow and broncos head to foxborough and sunday at one, baltimore playing host to the texans and late game is going to be sunday night. new york against green bay and what will probably be be a very cold lambeau and we know most of the -- most of you are geared up for the game and send us y
in maryland are requesting the charges be dismissed. the state charges it should be thrown out against dr. steven brigham, including the fact it fetuses died in new jersey and not maryland. he lost his medical license after he had patients drive to maryland to complete procedures. a queen anne's county man is charged with contaminating a grocery store case full of meat. john waskey is accused of going back to his old job and pouring bleach over packages of chicken and pork. security video captured the incident and allowed officials to pull the items before they got in the hands of customers. he is charged with malicious destruction of property and contaminating or poisoning food and drink. officials are trying to figure out what sparked a two-alarm fire. crews responded to abingdon ave. luckily, no one was injured. in today's "session at 2012" coverage, those for and against legalizing same-sex marriage are voicing their opinions and a friend of the maryland senate judiciary proceedings committee -- in front of the maryland senate judiciary proceedings committee did last year the senate p
. and we have the mix showing up on maryland's most powerful doppler. oregon ridge and hunt valley and reisterstown west side of the city that's where we are looking at now. airy has the snow and radar not fully showing it and we are looking at it move towards the city. we will stay in the 30s all day. and wind chills teens and 20s and mainly next couple hours of snow showers. and 40 to 50-mile-per-hour gusts. hold on with both hand on the wheel a purple friday and we have something to cheer about. before we do it's 5 and here's angela with traffic. >> reporter: good morning. on the road right now justin mentioned -- mentioned, the wind is a bigger factor than the wet stuff. getting reports of debris in the roadway on northern parkway at falls road. a traffic barrel rolling around in the roadways there. so be prepared for things like that as you head out this morning. let's get another live look at traffic flow on i-95 at maryland 175. northbound lanes moving well through arbutus to the southwest side of the beltway. and this is i-83 at york road driving through parkton no delays t
-way traffic pattern. probably a little slow especially this morning. a live look at i-95 at maryland 175, those of you driving northbound from the laurel region, northbound lanes clear all the way through arbutus to 695. we're on the top side of 695 here at harford road, outer loop and inner loop, through parkton and of course at the outer loop. as you continue past providence road. remember, follow us on twitter at maryland traffic. back to you. >>> first day of the 2012 legislative session kicked off and already a hot button issue for debate, talk of another sales tax increase and what it could mean for you. abc2 news sherrie johnson has details. >> reporter: lawmakers will be back at work today for the 2012 legislative session. looking at the budget and taxation as well as the number of bill hearings. but yesterday governor martin o'malley suggested 7 cents on the dollar could be a way to tackle the state's budget problems. the plan is to cut the state's multimillion-dollar deficit. the governor says the money could be used to pay for programs and borrow more for road projects. the ma
morning maryland, at 4:30. s to uk they bout from the tonight in the state of the union address. >>> flags flying at half staff on penn state university, public services held in honor of former head coach joe paterno, how he is being remembered. good morning i'm charley crowson. a very dreary start to the day. let's check in with the forecast with someone who is always smiling, lynette charles. >> it's going to be better than yesterday. dense fog advisory. fog this morning. temperatures are going to be nice and mild, highs to low mid- 50s, we will see more sunshine and showers will come in here later in the week. let's not talk about the showers, let's get down to business with the dense fog advisory. see it for the areas here shaded in the gray. carroll county, frederick and seeing points westward of. that everywhere else not bad. there is patchy fog throughout the morning. take it easy, relative humidity, 100%. the air is staff is saturated and moist. over to angela with traffic. >>> good morning, the roads are okay despite the fog, that is what we will deal with as you head out for the
on saturday in ft. washington, maryland. a autopsy revealed harris was shot to death. he was last seen in september at an alexandria recreation center and friends say harris dedicated his life to helping others. >> lenny always preached that somebody out there does care, come and talk to me. we've been through it and we can help you through it. he was a pretty good guy. >> a camera captured someone using harris' bank card at an atm after his disappearance. but despite that footage and a $38,000 reward, police still do not have a suspect. >>> a chase involving officers in anne arundel and baltimore counties ended with police killing the suspect. it started at a traffic stop on 695 around 2:00 this morning. but during the stop, the suspect stole the officer's cruiser. the man was finally stopped at a shopping center on annapolis road and he was shot at least once. the suspect was taken to shock trauma in baltimore where he was pronounced dead. an investigation is underway. >>> campaign 2012, it is decision day in florida. republican voters are heading to the polls for the state's critica
in that most recent case, he took her keys and her suv. that is a gray 2005 ford expedition. it has maryland tags. 4ae7450. if you see this suv or recognize this picture at all. call crime solvers or the montgomery county police. >>> the u.s. park police charged a father with child cruelty after he left his 13 month old baby alone down at the occupy d.c. protest at mcpherson square. little girl was found all by herself at a tent this morning. they believe she had been there for at least a half hour. dc fire and ems checked her out. she's fine, and now she's in the custody of social services. >>> some surprise talk of taxes from governor martin o'malley that marked the beginning of the general assembly. once again, maryland is facing a billion dollar deficit, but nobody expected the governor to hike the sales tax for the second time in four years. >> i'm scott broom in annapolis for the opening of the 2012 session of the general assembly where today governor martin o'malley here in maryland surprised everyone by floating the idea of a penny sales tax increase. >> in an address to opening da
year in a row, education week is ranked maryland's public schools number one in the nation. the newspaper did the state high marks for policies, student performance, and graduation rates. our education reporter has more on today's education alert. >> for me, personally, it was like my greatest fear that we would not be number one. but i cannot think of a better never to have as long as folks are going to rate states. >> how did you become number one again? >> the number one, we are proud of that. i think it says a lot about the quality of our classroom teachers. it says a lot about the leadership of our superintendent. i will also tell you that it is indicative of the kind of financial support that we have received from governor o'malley, but the legislature in general. >> there is still work to do. there are areas that the state still needs to work on? >> we have a lot to do. we have an achievement gap that we want to be the first and the country to solve. we want to implement very effective teacher evaluation system. >> your title was in from state schools superintendent.
king, jr. a maryland man thought he wouldn't survive and a windpipe saved his life. we start with the weather warning for you. seattle not known for its know but this morning, a heavy wet blanket of snow blanketing emerald city. wednesday expected to bring in the biggest blanket for the coastal areas and pacific northwest. good morning maryland, it's monday january 16th. i'm charley crowson. let's head in for a check of the forecast and say gome good morning to lynette charges. >>> things looking good, satellite and radar not picking up on cloud cover. with that, that's where we are dealing with colder temperatures. speaking of the temperatures, let's check out what you have to contend with. looking at teens here. 18 baltimore, also filly. also in to pittsburgh. 21 richmond and ocean city around to degrees. dealing with colder temperatures. as we go throughout the day, things not looking too bad. we will be looking at the fact we will be at a temperature coming in around 40 degrees. this is more seasonable. i will talk about the rain that is coming in, angela has the traffi
that make maryland ideal for modern day slavery. to train your immune system to recognize cancer and to fight ii off. off.a possible cure for cancer. how a new vaccine works... and why it was discovered... by accident. a boy is in trouble this morning for peeeng... in the classroom.why hhs parents say.. he shouldn't be punished. 3 3 -inner harbor today is wednesday, january 25th. 3 3 3 3 3 a police chase in baltimore county ends with one man dead and several more came to a screeching stop on dulaney valley road in timonium.megan gillilann is live from the deadly scene this morning. morning.good morning patrice, we're live at the corner of dulaney valley road and ivy church road.this orning things are quiet out here... but last night... it was chaos. from this corner to the middle of that block... pieces of the crash were everywhere... everywhere...take a look at what'ssleft of this gray honda... now just a twisted wreck.the driver of the vehicle... 20-year old aaron mccoy junior...died in the into another car.mccoy was n - actually aaburglary suspect police where fol
onon the results coming up. latern the show, it is a new legislate year in virginia and maryland and taxes are hot topic. and two women who are using good tasteo make a living. in at this city, it is all about selling. the public ige that you prpresent is everything. take a look at h mitt romney went to defending his business principles this week. businesses have toto make sure theirur is top notch. joining g me today, susan davis o of susan davis international. one of the best in theusiness whil presenting an array of clients. what a her tips for sying on top? she joins us now. susan dadavis, thank you for joing u how didd you g grow be one of e biggggest p.r. firms in this town? >> i g guess longevity, first of all. i started 35 yes ago. it has been a long time. when i started this business there were very few women in the industry was different. there re no niche businesesses, no hispani agencies oafrican american agencies. >> there wasas no mainstream media. >> that is right. of course, overtime, things have really changed. this c community offers so much opportunity for tho
on maryland traffic at twitter and now we say good morning to charley. >>> good morning. it's a rare day when sports leads the news but that's the case today. thousands of rain fans pumped this morning after the -- ravens fans pumped this morning after the upset win over the steelers. one play had tim tebow firing a 80 yard touchdown strike to end the game as quickly as ot started. >> they are a good team. it's hard when they beat you and you beat yourself. any loss stings for me, and this is no different. you know, it is what it is. hard to put into words right now. we just -- it's frustrating thing. >> tebow thomas the denver d not done. they head to england and they will play host to the texans kick off sunday is set for 1:00. here's the outhook for you in the coming weekend. baltimore-- outlook for you this coming weekend. the 49ers of san francisco are playing new orleans saturday, and the giants are going to play in green bay that game is set for sunday as well. and in health news this morning, a volume-teary recall sure to a-- voluntary recall sure to a affect you and your family. know
the statehouse ahead of the committee hearing on tuesday. but the debate heated up as the first lady of maryland pointed fingers to those who opposed the bill. katy o'malley says the same sex marriage bill because there were cowards that prevent it from happening. thousands of gay right supporters are in town for the conference on lesbian gay and transgender sexual equality. the governor wants them to legalize same sex marriage but there is still strong opponents. >> we know traditionally what works and what was intended and what a human normal civil society is based on, not same sex relationships. >> the governor says this version has more protections for religious organizationings. linda so, abc2 news. >>> a 10,000 dollar reward is offered to help find a murderer in laurel. gregory sears was killed earlier this month by someone who tried to break into his home in laurel. anyone with information is asked to call police. >>> a teen is charged in two murders and could spend the rest of his life in prison when april. he plead guilty in the murder of two. the trial started on tuesday. he was shot t
speak out. >>> plus justice for heidi, a puppy shot and killed in maryland. a local lawmaker has a plan to make sure it doesn't happen again.  >>> this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >>> a lawmaker in maryland is proposing legislation that would publicly embarrass those found guilty of animal abuse. >> under maryland senator ronald young's plan an animal abuse registry would list the names of those convicted of animal abuse in the future. the bill is being named heidi's law and fox 5's matt ackland explains why. reporter: she was a puppy who loved to play, heidi, a golden retriever, shot and killed earlier this month in middletown, maryland. >> it's going to take a long time to get over temperature. reporter: lynnette coffman has been heartbroken since she found heidi dead in a field near her home. although there is an $8,000 reward, still no one has been arrested. >> this is just a vicious senseless killing. it's a beautiful little puppy of. reporter: state senator ronald young, an animal lover himself says it's time to do more to punish, even embarrass those who a
, western maryland. the wind shifts here and there could change the trajectory of these. we have picked up a few clouds here and there, mixed with the sunshine. it would not be out of the question to see a flurry or two this afternoon. the storm is spending to our north. let's take a look at the most notable effect of all of this, the temperature is. we had a spell early in the week, quite war, 60 degrees. now we are on the down side, falling the next few days. as we get into next week, a little spike, but not as dramatic as this one. maybe we are kind of leveling out here and we will see a period where temperatures will be much closer to the average for the season. temperatures at noontime, 40 in annapolis, 41 cambridge. salisbury, 48. parkton is only 32. westminster is stuck in the upper 20s. in the teens and the oakland, 12 degrees. frostburg is 20 degrees right now. when you factor in the wind, it feels more like 15 in westminster, 19 in for it, -- 19 in frederick, 12 in hagerstown. the wind is having a definite effect on how you respond, how your body responds to this weather. bundle
the station that works for you, good morning maryland" at 4:30. >>> family was held at gunpoint. the latest on the search for the suspects. >>> an occupy protesters hit the streets of baltimore once again. i am sherrie johnon with more on the proper lem. >> reporter: today marks. [audio not understandable] everything you will need to know. >> tuesday january 17th. good morning. i am charley crowson. hope your day is off to a great start. let's check the forecast because we had rain overnight. here's lynette charles. >> hey, you are right. we had rain overnight and we will have more rain for today. check out the headlines. we will see a foggy tuesday on hand for us. it's going to be off and on rain, mild temperatures. high near around 54 and then it gets cold and we will see sunshine moving back in across the area. let's start out with maryland's most powerful radar because we can see the heaviest rain coming into d.c. the bands will move in across our area to baltimore and bel air and as we check out what's going on closer to mayo and alleys-- annapolis the easternshore will get in on the w
board of public works has approved the demolition of the university of maryland college park. the board voted to tear down existing residents to make way for a new mansion. officials believe the current building is unsuitable as a resident or venue for important fund-raising events. the comptroller voted against the idea of building in a mansion, citing budget constraints at the university. cost estimates topped $7 million. >> stay with us. much more straight ahead on 11 news at 6:00. >> including a new push to get voters out for this year's presidential election. to go i am salley kid in washington. -- >> i am salley kid in washington. one dropped out. >> only one raven has super bowl experience with the team. great with shares its experience. -- ray lewis shares his experience. to go a few snow showers moving through. we will check those out, and the warming trend in the seven-day forecast. 33 downtown. the subway big hot pastrami melt. take a moment to ponder tender cuts of pastrami, piled sky high atop your favorite freshly baked bread with spicy mustard, pickles and melt-a-licious
with eight live view of one of our cameras out in western maryland. this is i-68 at savage mountain. you can see some heavy snow has accumulated and blowing winds are only adding to that, reducing visibility. most of that has moved out over frostburg. hd doppler is showing that line moving towards hagerstown. they can see accumulating snow on some of the western slopes. the western part of the state is really getting hammered by all of this lake effect is now. baltimore has seen some snow, of these some flurries in the city. not much more than a trace, but nonetheless, it is causing some problems. where you could see accumulation is in the northern counties. these are out of the northwest right now. 23 miles per hour in parkton. it's very dusty and chilly this afternoon. you can bet that those are affecting the temperatures. currently temperatures are in the upper 20's and low 30's. with what the wind chills are at right now, we are talking 20 degrees at the airport, 19 in downtown baltimore. single digits, if not below zero, what it feels like as you head into western maryland. that is the
's credit, maryland has invested almost $2 million and school construction over the past six years of the o'malley administration. maryland seems to be on track with how it is spending $250 million in federal risk to the top money. even though some programs were delayed by hiring troubles, the city as well positioned for a second year and beyond. maryland is heading in the right direction. >> given the progress that other states have made, i think we set the pace for that and we are proud we are right on target. >> the state's biggest challenge could be to develop a new teacher evaluation system, one tied it to student performance. >> thank you so much. back to our big story tonight. a 60-year-old charged with murder after confessing he shot and killed his own call the peer >> a share as deputies arrested the team after a short car race. he confessed he dumped the body. barry simms is live in bel air tonight. >> hartford county sheriff's deputies are still trying to find a motive. they are not sure what led to a fatal shooting. robert richardson in the third is being held without bail. >> c
experience in maryland. our coverage continues online. you can follow the candidates and keep track of who is leading the pack on the politics page of baltimore police are searching for clues in a deadly shooting of a man through the window of a home in south baltimore. police were called to the brooklyn section of the city just before 4:00 this morning. police say someone shot at the front windows of the home. he was taken to shop, where he died. one person is recovering from injuries after a fire started a home on edgewood street. the fire was brought under control just after noon today. the cause remains under investigation. >> this caps off a nice weekend. yesterday and friday or 20 degrees above normal. today we were only 10 degrees above normal. it was a very nice day. 51 was the high at the airport. though lows this morning were above freezing. 6.7 inches is the record snow for this date set back in 1996. that was part of a six-day onslaught of snow that gave us over 30 inches of snow. we have unsettled weather ahead. details are coming up. >> there is definitely ravens
. lawmakers have a lot of work to do over the next few months as maryland faces a projected one billion dollar deficit deficitmegan gilliland is streaming now... from our state's capital with more on how they're planning to settle that debt. debt.good morning patrice, there's no question that something has to be done in the next 90 days of this years general assembly.higher taxes and fees are expected to dominate the session.with one in particular taking top priori. priority..nd that's the gas proposal... calls for a 15-cent hike over three years. governor o'malley supports some type of increase in the gas tax... he says those projects will boost employment. (governor) "and we're not going to do a duck and cover, run and hide from radical tea party types that think that taxes are like the plague or the famine." famine." it's been 20 years since the gas tax was raised.but some republicaas believe, it's just too much of an increase... and too much for marylanders to bear. state lawmakers are also expected tt debate a bill to legalize same sex marriage.aa similar bill passed the senate l
abortions. maryland's board of physicians...has suspended rrley's medical license...and issued a cease and desist order...for brigham...who was never licensed in maryland. (sharfstein) "one of the important things that this board does is protect the public against dangerous doctors or people pretending to be doctors frankly and it's really important that the board do that job well."but the board of handles more than 17-hundred complaints each year.and while many take less than 18-months to resolve...some investigations take three to four years.(sharfstein) "and that's not good for patients if it turns out the doctor really shouldn't be practicing medicine but it's also not good for doctors to have a cloud hanging over their head if in fact they really were doing the right thing."dr. joshua maryland's health secretary.he's also concerned with ow the board investigates complaints. (sharfstein) "certain complaints would come and they might be reviewed by someone who had no training in that area and they would decide concerns about maryland's physician boa
>>> you are watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." >>> it's about getting over prejudice and about making sure that we protect families. >>> supporters and opponents of same sex marriage in maryland will debate -- the debate about to get nasty between both side. >>> and they have an app for just about everything these days. why you might soon pay a tax on certain apps if lawmakers have their way. >>> this is one of the things you will see at the -- we will start them over again. see if he can climb towards us. not on cue? we will try time this out from the world of pet, poe. there he goes. look -- expo. there he goes. >> we begin with a severe weather alert. major flooding hit alabama this morning. much of the southern half of alabama spent much of thursday on a tornado watch while metro brimingham saw flash flooding atstorms moved across the state. severe weather follows alabama tornadoes earlier this woke. good morning, maryland, i am sherrie johnson in for charley crowson. let's get a check on the forecast with meteorologist lynette charles. that's major
>>> you're watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland. >>> the gloves are on for the race to the white house. i am sherrie johnson with a prerue of the new -- preview of the new hampshire primary. >>> what joe paterno's son says about his father's firing. >>> a georgia school math problem has some parents fuming mad. how the teacher are trying to mesh in history with math and the school ended up in hot water. details coming up on this monday, january 9th. good morning. i am charley crowson but let's start as we always do with a check of the forecast and say hello, to meteorologist justin berk. >> good morning. it's 6:31. looking at temperatures this morning and chilled down and we have had the skies clear out and a push of a boundary that brought us closer to normal in the 66 we had on saturday. 28 in baltimore. freezing in easton and what you will notice is that there's been snow back into the mountains. the clouds fill in even though we saw clearing off towards the north and east in harford cecil county and kent county this morning. we expect clouds t
coverage with wjz, maryland's news station. >> mystery, gunned down weeks before becoming a father. reaction from a neighborhood on edge. good evening everyone. a man shot and killed right outside of his own home in the first murder of the year. his killers are still on the loose. wjz is live tonight in a heartbroken neighborhood. >> absolutely, adam. this man was weeks away from becoming a father. crime is very rare in his neighborhood, let alone something so violent. 36-year-old gregory often talked about how excited he was with neighbors that he was going to become a father. he was due to have a baby in just a few weeks, but he was gunned outside of his home in laural. lives a couple of doors away. >> we moved at the same time in 2004 and he just was a really great guy, good couple. >> reporter: pushed sears who was in the driveway. police believe suspects were trying to rob sears when it turned into a deadly attack. they don't know if he knew sears or followed him home. >> they said it happened right here. we woke up scared and didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: the gu
this yesterday, remembering 92 million miles an hour solar storm heading to earth. >>> good morning maryland. let's head over to lynette charles. >>> good morning. this morning we're not dealing with any fog. we're nice and dry. as you look at maryland's most powerful radar, we'll see more wet weather moving here as we go through tomorrow and late this evening and overnight into tomorrow morning but the bulk of the rain will stick around as we go into friday so it looks like a two day event coming in. you'll get some sunshine out there. but the clouds will be on the increase. and the winds pretty much calm right now and they'll pick up a little more as we go through the day. clarksville, more the same there and the temperature coming in at 34 degrees and we'll start you off with temperatures in the 30s this morning and we'll gradually get into the 40s as we go into lunchtime around 42 degrees and i'm forecasting 46 for the high today. and that is five degrees above what we should be now for this time of the year. and if we get more sunshine in we could be a little warmer than that. and now over t
the drive to the top side of the baltimore beltway, looking good in the rosedale area at maryland 43. remember to follow us this morning on twitter at maryland back to you. >>> a doctor charged with performing late term abortions is expected in court today. nicolea riley is charged with murder for what police are called botched aborings. the late term abortion perform at american women's service on east high street in elkton. she i was rested after a 16 month investigation in utah. steven brigham has also been charged. >>> ravens fans get out your wallets. the ravens will host a home play-off game and tickets go on sale in five hours. you can buy them through ticket master beginning at 10. call 410-547-7328. the game will be played at one on sunday january 15th from m and t bank stadium. >>> we are hours away from the iowa caucuses beginning today and mitt romney is predicting he will win. he he spent monday campaigning in an effort to turn out supporters who backed him when he he ran in 2008. two of his rivals most likely to challenge him is rick santorum and ron paul.
. no reported troubles there. looking good on 95 south of baltimore. at maryland 175 checking out your southbound lanes all the way to the capitol beltway, all lanes open and moving freely. let's check the drive from the eastern shore, 50 at maryland 8, just east of the bay bridge looking pretty good as you make the drive to annapolis so far. and another live shot of 50 as you cross the severn river bridge heading to annapolis all the way to i-97. >>> two states down and mitt romney chalk's up another win. new hampshire voters turned out in record forms for the nation's first primary tuesday. this was much more decisive a victory for romney than iowa. he only beat rick santorum by eight votes last week in iowa, in new hampshire, the clear winner. ron paul came in second with 23% followed by huntsman at 17%, newt gingrich and rick santorum came tied for fourth at 9% and rick perry 1%. coming up in 30 minutes, a live report and recap of the night that was in new hampshire and what the candidates are doing. they now move on towards south carolina. >>> a little closer to home, lawmakers ar
>> a new poll shows what issues are important to marylanders. >> more political shots fired at mitt romney. >> the state has one for sex offenders, but should have won for animal abusers? >> the forecast as we continue right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning. i'm mindy basara. >> and i'm stan stovall. thank you for joining us this morning. arrrgh! windy shiver me timbers! >> we had a cold front go through a couple of hours ago. >> you have the goatee. now you have a patch. >> i might get a bird. [laughter] so cool. a cold front when through. the temperatures are falling and the wind is kicking up. it is 43 degrees. northwest wind gusting to 23. some snow showers are trying to sneak off to the west. carroll county macy's some snow flurries today -- carroll county may see some snow flurries. eye patch and a bird. what you thido you think? >> i think you should do all it. it is windy. 53 towards the west side. so far
was held in maryland while laymakers are debating a -- lawmakers -- marriage equality bill that would grant same-sex partners the same legal protection as the heterosexual counterparts. baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake and maryland's first lady katie o'malley shared their support with attendees and also spoke about the likelihood of state lawmakers passing a marriage equality bill. >> i definitetly think it is close. but that is why there is a big lobbying effort. and hopefully people will see that this is about families. this is not -- it's about getting over prejudice and about making sure that we protect families. >> i think very good chances of passing. i'm just hopeful. i do not know what the actual numbers are because i stay out of all of it. i just sort of hope and pray that the good people in the state of maryland will come together around this issue and vote for tolerance and equality in marriage. >> opponents of marriage equality site religious convictions or previous warnings of the bill in their opposition to the bill. nadia ramdass, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you.
could become a betting game in maryland. a delegate is a frequent flyer and realized the state is one that prohibits residents from winning cash prizes. he feels there is no problem with the legislation as long as they charge fees and taxes. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to 14 degrees on tv hill. 5:07. adults in iowa -- >> a fight breaks out at a colorado hotel on new year's eve. >> this is the beltway and curtis creek. in issue at the fort mchenry tunnel >> welcome back. it is cold start for us. 17 degrees downtown. much colder in the suburbs. we still have a bit of a breeze this morning. these are the actual temperatures. 10 in frederick. 14 at the airport. even a little breeze puts the wind chill in the single digits. single digits. that is what you want to dress for this morning. mostly cloudy they brought with a high temperature of 33. for now to the news desk. >> the babysitter accused of killing a child goes to court later today. there will
annual polar bear plunge benefiting the maryland special olympics. remember our time there? >> oh, i will never forget. >> welcome to "11 news saturday morning." i'm lisa robinson. >> and i'm kate amara. thank you for joining us. it is that time of year again when seemingly rational people like you and me and our own jennifer franciotti this year jump into cold water for a great cause. >> let's go back live to sandy point state park and check in with rob roblin, the man that started it all for us here. hey, robbie. >> how are you guys doing? it is lun plunge 21 for the super plunge -- it is plunge 21 for the super plungers. they made it through the night. that is really the hardest when no one is around. this water is cold. the weather has been somewhat pleasant. that is good for the super plungers. i tell you what, it is cold out there, the water is very, very cold, and they are getting ready to come on out, and this is plunge number 21. over 50, right at 50, and they are still fresh, still ready to go. there's adam. plunge 21. there it is. still awake, still rolling. that will make
maryland" at 4:30. >>> the governor releases the budget plan today. i am sherrie johnson with a look at how it affects you. >>> and a tense situation at the white house last night. i am linda so. how occupy protesters took it to the extreme. >>> and mothers rallying behind robert richardson the teen who allegedly killed his father how they are raising money and how much they are up to. that straight ahead on this wednesday, january 18th. good morning, i am charley crowson. thanks for starting the mid day of the workweek off and weather is a big story some places experiencing heavy winter, others uncommonly spring like conditions. this is kentucky where powerful spring like storms spawn tornadoes. two people have opinion injured from the unruly weather. not just in kentucky but a twister touched down after 4 in the afternoon tuesday in mississippi. and we have got spreng and winter and here in maryland -- spring and winter and here in maryland, the night was comfortable but this morning very wendy. >> that's the same system that blew through last night. in the wake of it, dealing with windy
williams was 22 years as the basketball coach at maryland. won more games than any maryland basketball coach in the school's history. last week, in an emotional dedication, the coach returned to comcast center and gave the fans one last clinched fist. maryland honored williams by dedicating the court in his name. this was prior to the duke game, appropriate. so he got to see his old nemesis, coach k, one more time. after the ceremony, williams tried to put his career and the dedication into perspective. >> obviously, this is something special to me. it's a big thrill. when i left here in 1968, i never thought anything like this would be possible. never thought i would be back as a coach to start with. it's been a great ride. a lot of great people. assistant coaches, players. it's always about the players that determines your success, not just their ability, but the character they show. so i've been proud to coach some really great people at the university of maryland, and people that i'll be friends with the rest of my life. the things you miss are the practice, obviously, that's the m
possible and we will start to warm those things up. temperatures will warm back up. maryland's most radar is dry. thank goodness it is dry. 12 in towson. good morning, bel air, coming in at 14. arnold, around 22. if we were dealing with precipitation, it will be in the form of snow. we are not getting that as of this afternoon. over to angela, she has your traffic. tell us how the roads are going to be for the parade. >> reporter: we will prepare for the parade with the street closure to note at 7:30, franklin will close between green street and freemont avenue, we are looking good, 39 395. we had a lane closed for maintenance there. u.s. 29, passing maryland, southbound lanes are moving well. here is a lye look at the beltway, 695, wilkins avenue. traffic patterns are building. you are able to drive at posted speed on the beltways southwest side. >>> it wasn't fun or pretty, but the ravens have advanced the title game sunday and mh&ua date with ]hjthe new england patriots in massachusetts. final score was 2013, over the texans and a huge game for veteran, lewis and reed. sherrie johnson
of the house. this will make him the longest serving speaker in maryland history. >> i have appreciated the support of a lot of great people. >> i think that speaker bush has done a very good job leading a diverse maryland house of delegates. you look at the diversity of interests geographically in maryland and the eastern shore, even prince george's and montgomery. each of those could be in five different states but they are all here in this state. mike busch has handled himself with a candor and honesty. he has been a very capable an effective speaker. >> i say congratulations, and one way he should be congratulated, another he is a poster child for term limits. >> the senate president is joking. until today, he had been the longest serving president in senate history. fasten your seat belt, this is expected to be a roller-coaster ride for the next 90 days. >> mitt romney 1 at the nation's first primary and he is hoping back-to-back victories in iowa and new hampshire will build momentum. the gop nomination race shifts to the south with south carolina in 10 days, florida in 20. his op
rain advisory for the remanding of tonight as we could see freezing drizzle. maryland's radar doesn't show much of anything. this is fine mist. the stuff that does not show up on doppler radar. temperatures cold enough for mist that comes down to freeze on contact. 28 frederick. 38 easton and baltimore. 38 dover. any light showers will freeze and create light glazing of ice. drive with caution the rest of the evening. that includes your morning commute. an unbelievable shift in weather pattern coming at us again. that's coming up. >> thank you very much. >>> a catholic priest arrested for indecent exposure has been removed from the church. harford county sheriff's deputies are investigating complaints that the father was nude from the waste down in a movie theater where customers could see him. in a letter to pa richers in the head pastor wrote that he had to function as a priest. he could face three years in prison. >>> a 13th body was pulled from the wreckage where the cos costaconcordia sunk. survivors from maryland remembered their last moments before they were rescued. a mothe
, a coalition of maryland business groups rallied today in annapolis, hoping to increase funding for transportation by $800 million. they also want to make sure that funds are not shifted away from transportation needs. gov. malley is expected to make an announcement next week or two about his plans for a tax increase. and maryland health organization launched a program today aimed at giving military personnel hiring preference for job openings. it is drawing praise from lt. gov. anthony brown, who is a 27- year veteran of the u.s. army. >> i can assure you that you will be getting a quality work force in those men and women they have a strong work ethic. >> the organization employs 36,000 people nationwide. david collins has a sneak peek on what is in the hopper before the debate begins. you can get the hottest issues as, just be sure to click on open book politics." >> -- to click on "politics." >> we have live team coverage of the road to indianapolis, including with our raven's super fan jennifer franciotti, who is in foxboro tonight. but first, we will head over t
have been made - easier thanks to a change in maryland's wiretap laws. 3&in northwest baltimore, crew were called to a fire in a rowhome along maple road.the flames broke out, around 8 o'clock last night.when our crews arrived, firefighhers were inside the home, putting out the last embers.there were no reported injuries. take a look at this unbelievable video out of washington county.police are still trying to figure out how this all's of a crash that happened around 3 o 'clock monday's a truck dangling off interstate 81 near hagerstoww. it was traveling south, when it crossed the median into the northbouud lanes... hitting phree other person died.police aren't sure why theetruck crossed into the opposite direction...but witnesses say... the truck looked erratic just before the collision. 3 3 same sex marriage... takes center stage at the statehouse in annapolis today.there will be a hearing on the bill in the senate judicial proceedings committee. committee.but opponents of the governor's plan to legglize same-sex unions.. made their voices
is hiring 128 people. the report card in maryland's 20th in the nation. ranked nation.theeranking by the "american legislative exchange council" is based on student performance and progress on national testing. another category... maryland recieved a "c" minus minusfor it's academic ssandards, school choice programs, charter schools, online learning and handling offgood teachers. ttat's a drop from 2010... when maryland recieved a "c". a public viewing is being held today... for former penn state coach, joe paterno.the legendary coach... who died of lung cancer... will be laid to reet... in a private funeral and burial service.paterno became the winningest coach in major college football history... just days before phe jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal broke. he was fired, amid criticiss over how hee passed on the abuse eport to two university executives. the so-called "hollywood arsonist" pleads ánot guilty to charges.harry bbrkhart appeared in court tuesday.he's accused of setting 49 fires across los angeles around the investigators ssy the fires began a
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